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Strategy Management

When have you the last time had a close look at your company's strategy and strategic options? Strategy is not a status-quo situation. Your market, your customers and clients, or more precisely your environment are constantly undergoing changes. The saying "There is not one day, that is the same" can be used within strategic development and marketing. Strategy and strategic development should be a natural and ongoing dialogue and process you have in your company to be able to meet the market conditions and to improve and strengthen your competition and position on short and long term.

In short strategic marketing planning is:

A process that encourages and guides the dialogue between functions and organization levels on how a business unit can best compete in the markets it elects to serve.

Vision Consultancy (Business Strategy) Ltd. can help and guide your organization through this dialogue and process. Focus will be on your short and long term strategy and strategic development, which are the goals of your company and maybe you have already started to develop the markets you operate in or have decided to develop. We have more than 15 years of experience within strategic consulting and business development, both in the UK and international.

Strategy is a board issue and often difficult to decide because a company's environment, competition and market are undergoing changes and is constantly under development. Many factors influence the final decision of a company strategic planning and the marketing plan going forward.

This means strategic planning is dealing with broader issues than the activities of the separate functions, for market strategies are most effective when they engage the total capabilities of the business and your company. Therefore to create a successful strategy there has to be a commitment to action and a close coupling of the strategy with operations and implementation programs. One of the best ways to achieve this commitment is to have continuing participation of key functional managers in the development of the strategies, coupled with a productive top-down and bottom-up dialogue.

The value of the strategic process scenarios and time schedule is:

Example of a strategic business and marketing plan

Example of development of a new strategic business and marketing plan:

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