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Business Development

Have you lately thought about, how your market has developed the last few years? What about in the future? Often the daily day is very business for most of the companies that nobody thinks that there is time to think about the future, because there are not enough hours in the day. But that is a mistake! A big mistake!! The environment is constantly undergoing changes. What is good today is often not the best tomorrow.

To survive in a market and to strengthen company competitive advantages, a company often also needs to focus on business development both on short and long term. Business development can either be to develop new products or markets, but also to improve existing products and competition strength on existing market.

In short, business development can be:

across a single or a wide range of business and product disciplines as well as functional teams, where the focus is to investigate, innovate, influence and pilot ideas to shape a company’s products and business development for the short and long term.

The context of a business development plan should include:

Vision Consulting (Business Strategy) Ltd. can help and guide your company through the dialogue and process of business development. Focus will be on your short and long term business development, which are the goals of your company and maybe you have already started to develop the markets you operate in or have decided to develop. We have more than 15 years of business development experiences running all kind of business development projects.

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